Marble , granite in stock, super low prices

Note: all prices are based on USD per square meter, FOB China, buying all one time . , buying part of quantity is available , exact prices are according to order quantity , please don't hesitate to contact info(a) for more information if any interest. Customized granite and marble products for inner and exterior project are available , too .


Date : March , 2016


Lowest prices of marble slabs , Huge Sale save 30% ~50%, marble price USD 15 per sqm and up

Fastest world wide shipping and factory directly discount prices

More pictures , please contact info(at)

Agate Onyx slabs
Price: USD 50/m2


Brown sky marble slabs
Quantity: 2000 m2
Price: USD 16/m2



Qty: 800 m2
Price: USD 48/m2


black portoro marble slabs

400 m2

price : USD 19

New Cream Marfil marble slabs

4000 m2

price : USD 22

Ocean Grey marble slabs

550 m2

Price: USD 14

Onyx slabs , Cream onyx

12000 m2

price : USD 25

Onyx Basin,onyx vase

750 pcs

price : USD 25/pc

Grey marble slabs

13600 m2

Price: USD 15

Beige marble Cream manilo marble slabs

530 m2

price : USD 23

Crema Marfil marble slabs

4000 m2

price : USD 24

Perlato svevo beige marble slabs

6000 m2

Price: USD 25

Coffee marble slabs

2500 m2

price : USD 21

Light beige alicant marble slabs

1090 m2

price : USD 19

Coffee Gold marble slabs

600 m2

Price: USD 25

Persian Beige marble slabs

800 m2

price : USD18

Italy grey marble slabs

3000 m2

price : USD 20

Sofit Gold marble slabs

3000 m2

Price: USD 26

White Jade tiles

600x100x20mm: 3400m2, 300x100x20mm: 3800m2, 300x300x20mm: 1100m2, 310x310x20mm: 570m2

Volakas marble slabs

3000 m2

price : USD 25

White wood marble slabs

1200 m2

Price: USD 25